Built on a spur to protect convoys of salt, the most precious commodity during the Middle Ages, Frontenay has stood the test of time and retained much of its old charm and character with its vaulted halls of the twelfth century and its fourteenth century dungeon. Viewed from the plain, it retains the appearance of a fortress. But viewed from the entrance archway, its eighteenth century “Violet le Duc” façade reflects a certain art of living successor to times of war.

Art of living which is expressed in the staging of terraces and gardens, driveway charms, lilac groves leaving spaces for each dream. Offered in 1446 by the Lords of Chalons-Arlay to Gauthier Fallerans, one of their equerry, Frontenay is still inhabited by his heirs. More than five hundred and fifty years of family continuity where each generation lovingly magnified and maintained the site, creating a space of beauty and serenity where all sense of Time seem suspended.