Castle of Frontenay


In an outstanding beautiful setting, a prestigious site, a place of history, culture and sharing, Frontenay's castle boasts a unique atmosphere and charm. We are very pleased to share this exceptional place with you. Discover the castle.


Spirit of the Castle
Spirit of the Castle
Spirit of the Castle
Spirit of the Castle

The framework

Built on a spur to protect convoys of salt, the most precious commodity during the Middle Ages, Frontenay has stood the test of time and retained much of its old charm and character with its vaulted halls of the twelfth century and its fourteenth century dungeon.

Art of living which is expressed in the staging of terraces and gardens, driveway charms, lilac groves leaving spaces for each dream.

More than five hundred and fifty years of family continuity where each generation lovingly magnified and maintained the site, creating a space of beauty and serenity where all sense of Time seem suspended.


The story

In an 1132 charter of archbisshopric of Besançon, there is mention of a Frederic de Frontenay, natural son of Rainaud III of Burgundy. In 1304, Frontenay passed into the hands of the powerful Chalon Arlay family and became part of a series of fortress protecting the salt routes.

Blanche de Geneva, widow of the Count of Chalon, retired to Frontenay in 1403. Here she took in a young woman named Colette who had crossed France at the height of the Hundred Year's War to seek the countess's support for a reformation of The Poor Clare monastic order. With Blanche's aid, papal approval for the reform was obtained.

In 1446, Louis II de Chalon Arlay gave the domain of Frontenay to his suire, Gauthier de Fallerans, "in consideration of his virtue, his valour and his faithful services".

Under Louis XI, Henri II, Louis XIII, France strove to conquer the Franche-Comté (free country). Frontenay castel was under siege several times during the terrible Ten Years War. In 1636, Jean-Baptiste de Visemal, defender of Bletterans, entrusted the defensee of Frontenay to Captain Flamand and a contingency of 32 men. He resisted the attacks of the frnech troops for several days before finally surrendering, after which all srvivors were hung from the ramparts. Locals say that Captain Flamand's vengeful spirit still lurks here... haunting castle bedrooms !


A family castle

Frontenay’s castle was entrusted in 1446 by the lords of Chalon Arlay to one of their squires, Gauthier de Fallerans, and today it is still inhabited by his descendants. This represents nearly 600 years of family continuity. Through the centuries, the Fallerans, Visemal, Montrichard, Chamberet and Sury d'Aspremont families have inhabited the castle. Each generation passionately looking to beautify and maintain the place.

Jacques and Ghislaine de Sury took over the family castle in 1971. They brought a new dynamic, keeping up with the times ...! Their project was to open the castle to the public, and reconcile family life and cultural life, while welcoming visitors and organizing events with a great willingness to let other people also enjoy this exceptional place.

In 2013, Pierre and Laurence de Sury took over the castle. They decided to settle there permanently and to pursue the adventure by highlighting the place and striving to maintain the balance between professional life, family life, and cultural life. We are very pleased to let other people enjoy this exceptional place, whether they come for a walk, a visit, a stay, a work event, a celebration or a cultural event…


A place for culture, sharing and exchange

Since 1971, the castle has hosted all sorts of cultural events; concerts, theatre plays, poetry festival, feast of the senses, conferences on various topics ... Moreover, many courses have been organized in the castle: music, tai chi, psychology, psycho-kinetic, corporal expression, painting, theater, circus ... Frontenay’s castle inspires awakening of the senses and nurtures ideas, and it is open to people from all walks of life. Our wish is to make it a place for culture, sharing, discussion and exchange.


A place to reflect and that opens perspectives

The beauty of the site, the old stones witnesses of time going by, the harmony brought by the trees, the endless views over the horizon ...

Frontenay is an inspiring place.

For an individual or group reflection, for personal or professional work, Frontenay’s castle opens new perspectives.


Frontenay and the area

Frontenay’s castle is located in the heart of the Bourgogne Franche Comté region. This area has a rich natural, cultural and architectural heritage.

Here are some suggestions amongst the many sites to visit in the immediate vicinity of Frontenay: the hilltop village of Château-Chalon; the abbey and the caves in Baume les Messieurs, the salt mines of Salins, the saltworks in Arc-et-Senans, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the towns of Arbois and Poligny… You can also go for a walk in the vineyard, visit wine cellars and comté (cheese) cellars or fly over the area in a hot air balloon. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the golf course near Lons, hiking in the area, horse riding, mountain biking, etc. in unspoilt nature.


All informations on Jura Tourism site and on the local Tourist Office site.


Spirit of the Castle
Spirit of the Castle
Spirit of the Castle
Spirit of the Castle